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A full range of turbine and jet aircraft are available as well as helicopter flights. Our extensive fleet of aircraft are accessible at competitive prices and are capable of managing any size/range flight or cargo requirement you may have. Complex passenger and freight flights are our forte. As a leading name in global aircraft charter, United Charter Services offers flexible scheduling, and an unrivalled selection of aircraft, culminating in a truly efficient, safe, reliable and luxurious charter solution.

Every detail of your flight is taken care of by our knowledgeable and professional charter team – from your booking to the handling of your luggage and check in for departure, throughout your flight, and on arrival at your destination. Our luxurious lounges and aircraft, as well as attention to your requirements and budget options, allow you to design your travel to your own specifications. Once onboard our guests can look forward to 5 star gourmet catering and on-board amenities as well as individual iPads for in-flight entertainment.


United Charter Services, a division of United Aviation Group, provides private charter services for the discerning client. Specialising in complex and time-critical travel solutions, the United Charter team will have you travelling on your personalised flight within a few hours of receiving your charter or freight confirmation.