We are absolutely delighted to have the opportunity to showcase our innovative and forward thinking organisation, our associated companies under the larger brand and of course the people that make United Aviation Group the exceptional organisation that it is today. We invite you to take a look through our website where we highlight some of the aircraft we have available for charter purposes. We take you through a history of the company and explain the growth path and motivation behind some of the decisions we have taken to invest and grow in Southern Africa, and of course we take you on a tour of the brands under our umbrella that have been proven to be such a tour de force in the aviation industry. 

It is with an absolute dedication to service excellence, innovation and a single-minded drive for growth that United Aviation Group has approached the last few years of business, and it is this continued focus that has enabled us to build a strategic roadmap that will continue to deliver customer excellence well into the future. We believe that at the heart of the success for United Aviation Group is our flexibility of solution design, engaged focus on safety and innovation and a drive to delight customers and it is this ethos which will carry us forward into the future.

Yours in flight,
Jonathan Wolpe


The Global Express

The Global Express, operated by OwenAir, and maintained by United Aircraft Maintenance as proud members of the United Aviation Group of companies, is one of the most beautiful, long range business jets available for charter today.
This comfortable 12-seater is both a pilot’s dream to fly and the smoothest ride a passenger can hope for as they take to the skies.
Come fly with us as the premier aircraft charter, air ambulance and aircraft maintenance company in Southern Africa.



Hi, I am Jonathan Wolpe

The Difference Is… We Are UNITED!

Passion for aviation and commitment to service excellence have been an inherent part of United Charter Services since it was founded by professional pilot Jonathan Wolpe in 2002. Jonathan’s vision was to develop a premium charter service to provide a quality aviation experience for clients both locally and abroad. Over the years we have experienced exponential growth, allowing us to invest in a larger range of aircraft from turboprops and, more significantly, various executive jets as well as long-haul airliners. This, coupled with our ability to offer multiple routes, means more flight options for our clients, and a better, more personal experience. 


Time-Critical Travel Solutions

United Charter Services, a division of United Aviation Group, provides private charter services for the discerning client

Specialising in complex and time-critical travel solutions, the United Charter team will have you travelling on your personalised flight within a few hours of receiving your charter or freight confirmation. A full range of turbine and jet aircraft are available as well as helicopter flights. Our extensive fleet of aircraft are accessible at competitive prices and are capable of managing any size/range flight or cargo requirement you may have. Complex passenger and freight flights are our forte.