Membership Card

United Aviation Group offers Frequent Flyers the JetSet Card!

The United Charter JetSet Card is a bespoke block hour program with a difference.

We know our more regular, on-demand private jet charter clients plan their flights for the year, in advance. United Charter Services have designed the JetSet program specifically for these high- volume flyers. By purchasing a block of flying hours in advance, you join the United Charter JetSet loyalty program. Our VIP JetSet cardholders are afforded special privileges and gain the benefit of total travel freedom: credit that never expires, refunds on unused flight hours, no ownership or maintenance costs, no hidden charges, no management fees and no multi-year commitments. Whether you fly for business or pleasure, you can now experience the full benefits of being a United Charter JetSet member.

How does the JetSet card work?

Members purchase a block of flying hours in advance, and can choose to purchase additional hours according to their needs. Members are not restricted as to when or where they have to fly. Packages start at just 20-hours with various top-up options available.

The benefits

We simply deduct the used hours from your credit balance at the agreed fixed hourly rates.

Our JetSet Card allows for pre-paid flight time, ensuring easy management of budgets and flexibility of destinations and timing, while protecting you against fuel price fluctuations. A savings of between 5% and 10% for card members!

We can have you in the air within 3 hours of contacting us!

For more information on this unique opportunity please contact us.