There is an elegance to travelling with United Aviation Group, and you too can experience the glamour and indulgence of having every detail taken care of by your professional charter team. 

All aspects of your flight with United Aviation Group is planned with a meticulous eye for quality, and this is no less true for our onboard experience. 

In-flight entertainment is provided in the form of personalized devices with access to up-to-date content to keep you as relaxed or engaged as you wish to be during your flight. 

Your in-flight host will ensure your comfort on our longer flights with luxury bedding and comforters so that you arrive at your destination refreshed. 

United Aviation Group has partnered with various high-end suppliers who work with your in-flight hosts on your onboard experience including a customised menu that is designed with your unique dietary and taste requirements in mind. We cater for all requirements including Halaal, vegetarian, sugar or gluten-free options. . 

United Aviation Group can also cater for children or pets that are booked to fly with us. 

United Aviation Group has sourced some of the most delicious delicacies for you to munch on while enjoying your flight. Every treat package is unique as the items are personally selected by your in-flight host for you.  

Chocolates, biscuits, artisan teas, hand-selected coffee, Turkish delight and home-made nougats are all part of our carefully collected treat packages. From the most popular patisseries in South Africa, to the smallest of organic farm kitchens we have curated the absolute best our country has to offer.

Fly with us and experience the sensual pleasure of gourmet delights made just for you.

Our personalized amenity packs are the last word in luxurious indulgence. On any of our flights, you can expect to be pampered with organic, local only ingredient, body butters, moisturisers, soaps and cleansers. Our facial, bath and body products vary in make, but all have one central tenet as a guide for our procurement department. They must be of the highest quality. To date we have included products from Charlotte Rhys, Africology, The Beauty Factory and Mies. 

We vary our products based on who is flying with us, and what we believe their needs will be, keeping the basics of luxury and quality at the heart of our gorgeous amenity packs. Our amenity packs include Safari Kits, Over Night Kits and Day Kits.