Learjet 45/45XR

Learjet 45/45XR


The Learjet 45/45XR is a twin-engine medium size executive jet. It seats up to 8 passengers, typically in a double club arrangement. Learjets are perhaps one of the most popular executive jets for charter due to their long range, high speed and fuel economy. Travelling at altitudes of up to 51,000 feet, at over 800 km per hour, covering non-stop distances of over 3,000 km, it’s no wonder charter customers return to the Learjet 45 for their charter solution time and again.

Interior seating length:

Cabin height:

Baggage volume:

Engine type:

6.02 m
1.5 m
66 cu.ft
Multi engine jet

Passenger capacity


Maximum range distance

3350 km

Maximum range time

4 hrs

Maximum speed

860 km/h

Flight deck crew


Cabin Crew