Falcon 900EX

Falcon 900EX


The Falcon 900EX is a large, long range, 3-engine executive jet produced by Dassault Aviation, France. This aircraft seats up to 14 passengers for short flights and can accommodate 10 passengers for longer trips. The Falcon 900EX boasts a wide cabin and is luxuriously appointed, on-board amenities include a private lavatory with wardrobe, full sized galley with hot and cold meals and beverage preparation area, Espresso coffee machine, 7 LCD monitors to keep you entertained and Wi-Fi / Internet Email can be accessed via a satellite internet service. The Falcon 900EX can fly up to 8,150 km with a reduced passenger load, but with 10 passengers it can comfortably fly 7,000 km non-stop. This aircraft is ideal for regional, transoceanic and intercontinental travel.

Interior seating length:

Cabin height:

Baggage volume:

Engine type:

10.04 m
1.88 m
127 cu.ft
Multi engine jet

Passenger capacity


Maximum range distance

8150 km

Maximum range time

9.3 hrs

Maximum speed

830 km/h

Flight deck crew


Cabin Crew